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"Wanted to say 'Thanks!' for all of your time and enormous talent!!! We could not have made the "I Can Be Anything" exhibit without you"
- Carrie Woodward, Jesse Jackson portrait for The Children's Museum.

"Nancy Pratt has captured both of our children in a beautiful way through her portraits. She had created a portrait for our son and we were so excited when we found her again five years later to do the same for our little girl. They are done with such detail, I can remember the moment the pictures were taken and enjoy that time even more. We are delighted to have another Pencils & Palette original hanging in our home! Thank you Nancy!"
- Jessica & Douglas McIlvenny , River in the Pencils

"I loved working with Nancy, she went out of her way to make sure I loved the painting! Which looks exactly like my daughter, what amazing talent!"
- Brittney Campbell, Brynn in the Pencils and Children Potrait section.

"We are very very pleased with the pastel painting of George. It's so pretty, the colors are just right. He looks so real sitting there, his eyes are so pretty. We can remember our George. Thank you so much Nancy."
- Wanda Simpkins, George in the Pets section.

"Daisy arrived today. She is beautiful, I tear up every time I look at her. Thank you so much Nancy for doing this."
- Rick Grist, Daisy in the Pets section.

"We just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying our painting. It brings us right back to Africa every time we look at it. Love the colors and you depicted the little boy perfectly. Thanks so much for the beautiful memory of our trip."
- Anita Cody, Anita's Africa in the Children Potrait section.

"It is her Nanc, the way I will always remember her, my Mom. Thank you so much, just thank you!!! She is here with me again." - Cathy English
"Beautiful Lady in person and in watercolor." - Shelby Langley
"It's beautiful." - Roya Collins Seymore
"Looks just like her." - Kelly Bruner Moore, Barbara in the Adults Potrait section.

"I just want to say how wonderful Bebe and Wills paintings turned out. We are so thankful for you and your wonderful gift Nancy. I could not be more pleased. I could cry they are so precious."
- Kay Price, Olivia and Will in the Children Potrait section.

"WOW Nancy! This is absolutely beautiful! Better than I ever imagined. You did a great job with the Elephant and the mouse......they look amazing. I LOVE IT!"
- Glenda Weygant, The Elephant and the Mouse in the Pets section.

"The family loved it, she put it up right away. Thanks so much!!"
- Rebecca Aho, Aho Sketch in the Pencils section.

"I LOVE IT!! you capture everything - you are amazing Nancy! I like how you added the color to are so very talented!
Your drawing was a big hit in MN!! I could not wait to unveil it to my sister - she absolutely loves your drawing of her 'wondrous pet!' My whole family couldn't say enough about your talent and your beautiful drawing."
- Mo Dilly, Missy Loo in the Pets section.

"I was completely awe struck at the quality of artistic talent when Nancy not only captured my son's looks in the portrait but also his emotion! A photograph can only do so much but this portrait will stand out and be cherished for generations!"
- Jessica McIlvenny, Hunter Douglas in the Pencils section.

"I love it. I even love how you changed the color of her dress. I am amazed at how much it looks like her. Thank you Nancy!"
- Dave Taylor, Nadine in the Adults Potrait section.

"I absolutely LOVE IT!!!!! Love love the color of the bird...perfect shade of teal. And the feathers are absolutely beautiful."
- Sienna Newton, Sienna's Peacock in the Pets section.

"The picture is absolutely awesome. Amazing painting. Thanks so much for making this memory for us Nancy."
- Ruth Patton, Mother's Love in Adults Potrait section.

"THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU...A MILLION TIMES THANK YOU! When I opened the package from you Monday it was all I could do not to's so beautiful! My sweet baby boy looking all innocent. I'm getting a frame for it and will have it hanging (proudly) in my family room for everyone to see and admire! You're so wonderful!"
- Andrea Garner, Donovan Sleeping in the Pencils section.

"The picture is perfect, We wish we had a little of your talent."
- Bill and Vada Hightower, Goldy and Misty in the Pets section.

"The colors are fantastic, the water is inviting, and the mood is dreamy. Nancy is beyond talented. A superstar artist!"
- Diane Pierce, Relaxation in the Acrylics section.

"Nancy, this is worth more than a million."
- Gaye Choiniere, Gaye's Grandchildren in the Children Potrait section.

"Nancy, you captured their hearts and souls."
- Jan Howell, Katie and Rose in the Pets section.

"Thank you Nancy. It looks great!"
- Erland Hagman, Veronica in the Adults Potrait section.

"Love it!!!!"
- Nichole Hood, Madilyn at her Piano in the Pencils section.

"It's a perfect 10 out of 10!"
- David Pratt, David and Mark in the Pencils section.

"It could not be any more beautiful~you did an awesome job. God has given you an awesome gift~look at that is exactly like her hair."
- Cathy English, Sweet Kiss in the Children Potrait section.

"Everyone loved the painting. My husband was thrilled with it. Thank You Nancy!"
- Teresa Porter, Teresa's Girls in the Children Potrait section.

"Nancy, that is my little Yoda, it couldn't get any better than that!"
- Billy Pratt, Yoda in the Pets section.

"I am so THRILLED with your Maxie drawing. I love it and I know my friend will cherish it! Thank you so much for your beautiful artwork! You are so talented!!"
- Mo Dilly, Maxie in the Pets section.

"The likeness is uncanny. It is my Mother and Teddy to the tee. The look of adoration in Teddy's eyes is priceless. I love it!"
- Diane Pierce, Mother and Teddy in the Adults Potrait section.

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Nancy Pratt

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